I Am Lucky

 By Shirley Jackson Whitaker, MD, MPH

It’s beautiful, tight and swivey

My hair so kinky, nappy and curly!

I Am Lucky!

The center of my face, my nose, broad and curved just right

Capturing and inhaling the air for my body both day and night

I Am Lucky!

Some tell me I am intelligent, inquisitive and very smart

But, I am only the dreams that my forbearers shared from their heart.

I Am Lucky!

Of my beautiful snazzy Black self I am so proud

I want to go to the mountain top and shout out loud!

I Am Lucky!

My skin, glistening like a black panther’s coat.

Making me so elegant and proud that I have to gloat

I Am Lucky!

To be strong-spirited and creative is what 

I will always strive to be

My heart’s desire is to celebrate what my African ancestors passed on the me.

I Am Lucky!

These eyes, wide and curious, forever on guard to 

capture every moment of life.

To keep watchful through trouble and strife. 

I Am Lucky!

They are so expressive ad stunning, my lips, 

the creator of my smiles.

They are as wide and glorious as the river Nile.

I Am Lucky!


You are Lucky, too!!